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  • Latize_The_Emergence_of_Semantic_Information_Processing_1The Emergence of Semantic Information Processing
    The Emergence of Semantic Information Processing Semantic information processing is not a new concept. In fact, it has been the subject of much research and development in the past decade. However, it is only in recent years that its use has become more understood and that businesses have begun waking up to the advantages it provides. The emergence of semantic information processing is now part of the growing AI and machine learning space. To put the idea into extremely simple terms, semantic […]
  • Latize_Connecting_the_Dots_Detecting_Fraud_Through_Big Data_1Connecting the Dots: Detecting Fraud Through Big Data
    Connecting the Dots: Detecting Fraud Through Big Data Understanding and insight is everything in the world of modern business, which is becoming more and more driven by digital tools and means. Where might this insight come from? Increasingly, it’s coming from Big Data; the data sources, data points, patterns, and data structures that a company can use to gain insights which then can be used to take a business to the next level. This is now a well-trodden path. Big Data management is no longer […]
  • Latize_Turning_to_Big_Data_for_Effective_Localised_Marketing_1Turning to Big Data for Effective Localised Marketing
    TURNING TO BIG DATA FOR EFFECTIVE LOCALISED MARKETING Back in 2006, Harvard Business Review hailed the concept of using information about consumer behaviour to influence local marketing efforts with respect to "big box" retailers. The write-up characterised the concept as a move toward individualisation, a carving out of a retailer's identity that stood out from the other big box stores at the time. Today, the massive collection of what we call Big Data is making localised marketing efforts […]
  • Latize_Beyond_Standard_Business_Intelligence_Tools_1Beyond Standard Business Intelligence Tools
    Beyond Standard Business Intelligence Tools No one wants to simply “meet the standard,” and in no field is this truer than in business intelligence, in the true sense of the words. The fields of Big Data, analytics, and business intelligence are constantly being developed, grown, and driven forward by innovators and trailblazers, which means businesses need cutting edge tools in order to stay ahead of the curve. Take a look at what we can expect from business intelligence tools in the near […]
  • Latize_The_End_of_Risk_Minimising_Fraud_through_Big_Data_2The End of Risk: Minimising Fraud Through Big Data
    The End of Risk: Minimising Fraud Through Big Data As Big Data continues to grow exponentially, the spotlight is turning to one very important area of focus: fraud. Fraud comes in many forms—particularly in the financial sector. According to the Australian Institute of Criminology, fraud costs over $6 billion each year in Australia alone. To put this into perspective, around one out of every eight dollars spent fighting crime is spent on fraud. As we move towards an increasingly globalised […]